Flying High Again

Installing a newly overhauled engine is always a milestone for any general aviation aircraft and Tim Mix of Mix Aircraft Solutions completed the installation on a 1965 Cessna 172F, managed by Larry Stevens of the Aerodynamics Flying Club in Mulino.

Larry, a proven pilot who has rebuilt planes with his dad while growing up has a strong affinity in the local general aviation community. Actively involved in the local flying club that historically provided scholarships to young aviators, the newly overhauled engine improves the fleet and will be able to offer many more hours of flying enjoyment to its members for many years to come.

Charlie brought me his Dads 1965 Piper Supercub that had the original factory linen installed on it. The airplane had only 852.0 hours on it since new! MAS completely tore it down, fixed everything that needed it and added some updated features on it like Grove wheels and brakes, 406 ELT, welded on float fittings and a few other items. Most of all the plane was completely recovered in the Poly Fiber system and reassembled with all new hardware. It was painted as it was when it came out of the factory minus the 12″ numbers on the side. It is classic low time airplane that will last another 60+ years.

Published by MAS

Certified general aviation mechanic with over 20 years experience.

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