Be an Early Bird!

Due to the supply chain issues everyone is having, especially in aviation PLEASE think ahead to the items you may need for your annual or servicing. Oil filters, spark plugs, air filters, tires and tubes all have been hard to get and spotty on the inventory. I do have a small selection of oil filters and spark plugs that I keep on hand but please be prepared and bring your own if you have a supply.

Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT wait until the last week of your annual month of expiration to call and schedule your annual! MAS is typically booked 3-4 months out and you will need to call in, so I can write it down in my current calendar to get you in. GA mechanics that work on these older aircraft are getting far and few between and we are all booked up and trying to keep up.

Thank you for considering Mix Aircraft Solutions, llc for your maintenance needs and we look forward to helping you out!

Published by MAS

Certified general aviation mechanic with over 20 years experience.

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